Individually Handcrafted Carbonfiber Guitars

Leviora – the name stands for a distinctive and unsurpassed sound experience. These miraculous, modern guitars are created in the small workshop of luthier Thomas Strieker and are handmade individually to the customer’s requirements. It’s here where traditional luthiery’s use of fine woods meets modern carbon fiber construction, bringing the goal of the perfect guitar one step closer.

Absolutely reliable instruments with an incredibly warm, clear and balanced sound, highly sensitive dynamic response, strong sustain with a balanced bass range and voluminous trebles.

All Leviora guitars are laboriously built with the finest attention to detail. Each six-string that leaves the workshop in Verl is personally assembled with careful consideration given to every single component. From the individually tap-tuned tops and backs, to the pickups, down to the final finish, each Leviora guitar is scrutinizingly put through its paces under the supervision of Mr. Strieker whose aim is to offer the ultimate sound and playing experience.
Leviora guitars are indeed truly something special, due in no small part to their numerous innovations: For example, the specially developed bayonet bridge which enables extremely quick and easy string changes. But it’s the uncompromising and innovative use of carbon fiber that really makes Leviora unique. The complex manual assembly of individual fiber filaments form an absolutely new composite material: Dragonbone ®. This impressive new material offers uncompromising stability and excellent sound quality, opening new horizons for the guitarist.


The following three recordings were recorded with a Line Audio QM12 4 Channel Mic in stereo mode. Minimum EQ and hall.

And Then She Said Goodnight – Fontaine Burnett

The Watchmans Lament – Fontaine Burnett

Under The Boardwalk – Fontaine Burnett