• Don Ross

    “Ross…has been on the forefront of the contemporary fingerstyle guitar movement, and it is no exaggeration that his groove-oriented style has influenced a generation of fingerstyle players…”

    -Teja Gerken

    Guitar Player magazine

    Dec ’13 issue

  • Calum Graham

    Calum Graham can play the guitar like only few can on the planet.

    That’s not an overstatement. It goes without saying that success and fame are imminent for this bright-eyed, blond haired, 22-year-old Alberta native, as the newfangled sound that he has made his own is at the forefront of a new generation in music and is certain to gain interest from across the world.

    Calum signed to one of the biggest acoustic guitar labels worldwide – CandyRat Records in the summer of 2013. The first album Calum signed with them was a duet album with the legendary guitarist, Don Ross called “12:34”. A solo album “Phoenix Rising” was the follow-up record only 4 months later featuring Calum in a live – one guitar setting which has also been garnering rave reviews throughout the world.

  • Fontaine Burnett

    Fontaine Burnett

    Fontaine Burnett is a very active multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter with many years of experience on stage and in the studio. Fontaine’s “home” tuning is DADGAD (with forays into Open D and G) but often tunes down as low as CGCFGC. The A1L.f.b I built for him is the perfect companion for his playing style due to its highly responsive top and unbelievable range of tone. I’m happy to be able to present some of his songs here on our website.

    The following three recordings have only been recorded by a stereo mikrophone:

    And Then She Said Goodnight – Fontaine Burnett

    The Watchmans Lament – Fontaine Burnett

    Under The Boardwalk – Fontaine Burnett

    Just so you know, in the following videos Fontaine was playing a fanned fret guitar for the first time ever!

  • Brian Hanlon

    Brian Hanlon

    From the moment I received this guitar, I couldn’t put it down.

    I own a lot of high end hand built acoustic guitars, but the levoria far surpasses them, in regards to volume, tone, and playability. It is absolutely the best sounding acoustic guitar I have ever played. You can hear each and every note ring out clearly.

    Its built so solidly and durable, that I never have any onstage tuning or intonation problems as I did previously with a wooden acoustic.

    This is now my permanent onstage and studio acoustic. Really can’t say enough positive things about this amazing instrument.”

    “Sounding Like a young Sting / Van Morrison” – Time Out London

    Take a mix of Pop, RnB, and Rock, put it in a blender, and pour out one pure liquid gold of sound – that sound would be the voice of Brian Hanlon. Expect a beautifully crafted blend of music by an artist with a distinctly full-toned and articulate voice. His infectious pop hooks mixed with traditional instrumentation are reminiscent of the likes of Police, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, JasonMraz, and John Mayer. His soon to be released singles were recorded in London, Miami, L.A., Boston, and Ireland, with an all star cast of Grammy and Emmy award-winning artists, songwriters and producers. . Marked as an serious new artist to watch by uk press, keep your ears open for his debut tracks due out later this year.

    “He is an artist that HAS to be heard by everyone. For me he is an Irish Dave Matthews with soul.” – Kipper Eldridge, Grammy & Emmy winning producer for Sting, Mary J Blige, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder.

    “Amazing Voice…” – Charlie Wilson, musical director for Rihanna, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys

    “Instantly recognizable and unique. I was hooked immediately”- – Extenso Music, London

    “Dope as hell!!” – Brente Paschke, Producer, guitarist for Pharell, Neyo, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson

    “Zero Hype – Brian Hanlon is without a doubt the best new artist I’ve mixed in the last three years.” – Charles Dye, Grammy-winning mixer for the likes of Enrique Iglesias , Bon Jovi, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan.

    “I absolutely love his original voice, fresh arrangements, and infectious songwriting. Brian brings a much needed authenticity to pop music. Thank you!” – Mix It Like A Record, Miami

    “A modern version of The Police. Seriously catchy songs!” – Brent Kolatalo, NYC 6 time Grammy Award winning mix engineer & producer Eminem, Bruno Mars, Akon, Janet Jackson.

  • Julian Dawson

    Julian Dawson

    Julian Dawson is a wonderful Singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, author, Plainsong member and busy solo performer. Based in Somerset, England his music moves between pop, folk, blues and country.

  • Nick the Fish

    Nick the Fish a musician with an incredible repertoire of songs.

    Nick plays a lot of gigs especially near the water. He was searching for a guitar with a great sound that is waterproof, scratch resistant and strong.

    In the following vido Nick shows his new A1Lfb Artist Edition…

  • Philip Omlor

    Test report by Entertainer-Rockpoet Philip Omlor

    Leviora – My ‘rocket’ guitar

    For a few months now I’ve been rocking out on my new carbon guitar: Leviora A1L.f.b. The official model designation may not sound ‘sexy’ but the guitar certainly has the most ‘sex appeal’ of any instrument I’ve ever heard. This instrument is astonishing!

    The sound is loud and clear with amazing resonance throughout the frequency spectrum. Dead spots – none! Tonal transparency when playing a chord is overwhelming, even when combining upper register fingering with open strings. It’s a perfect fit!

    The dynamic range is huge. It responds fully to the lightest touch, but reveals just as much sound when I’m playing with my percussive picking style.

    In my search for fan frets Leviora was my salvation. One of my favourite tunings (C (!) – G – D – g – b – d had proved impossible on other guitars, but the Leviora can accommodate a .056 string tuned down to C with no problem. With a 675mm sixth string I have the choice between incredible drive in standard tuning or constant rich bass from the lower end.

    The pick-up sounds awesome on stage. In the past I was always happy when the soundman said of my Yamaha, ‘Super! At last a guitar that’s easy to handle!’ The L.R. Baggs system in the Leviora proved even better, with comments like ‘What is that? It sounds fantastic!’

    The brilliant sound, the perfect temperament and the strength and resistance in all temperatures and all weathers are the key elements of the guitar’s design and the reasons I want to play it. With the monitor sound-hole in the frame, the arm-rests on the edge of the shell, the beautiful bindings and its precision components this guitar simply has it all!

    Philip Omlor

Thomas Strieker

Dragonflight DADGAD Instrumental
It was recorded with the LR Baggs Anthem, Dynachord Mixer and Zoom H2 recorder