Testreport from Philip Omlor

Test report of the Entertainer-Rock-Poet Philip Omlor

Test report by Entertainer-Rockpoet Philip Omlor

Leviora – My ‘rocket’ guitar

For a few months now I’ve been rocking out on my new carbon guitar: Leviora A1L.f.b. The official model designation may not sound ‘sexy’ but the guitar certainly has the most ‘sex appeal’ of any instrument I’ve ever heard. This instrument is astonishing!

The sound is loud and clear with amazing resonance throughout the frequency spectrum. Dead spots – none! Tonal transparency when playing a chord is overwhelming, even when combining upper register fingering with open strings. It’s a perfect fit!

The dynamic range is huge. It responds fully to the lightest touch, but reveals just as much sound when I’m playing with my percussive picking style.

In my search for fan frets Leviora was my salvation. One of my favourite tunings (C (!) – G – D – g – b – d had proved impossible on other guitars, but the Leviora can accommodate a .056 string tuned down to C with no problem. With a 675mm sixth string I have the choice between incredible drive in standard tuning or constant rich bass from the lower end.

The pick-up sounds awesome on stage. In the past I was always happy when the soundman said of my Yamaha, ‘Super! At last a guitar that’s easy to handle!’ The L.R. Baggs system in the Leviora proved even better, with comments like ‘What is that? It sounds fantastic!’

The brilliant sound, the perfect temperament and the strength and resistance in all temperatures and all weathers are the key elements of the guitar’s design and the reasons I want to play it. With the monitor sound-hole in the frame, the arm-rests on the edge of the shell, the beautiful bindings and its precision components this guitar simply has it all!

Philip Omlor